Free Meet the Teacher Template Bundle (Designs for Pre-K to Grade 12)

Get ready for back to school with these easy Meet the Teacher template options! All you have to do is choose the one you like best and customize it with your own information. We have styles for preschool and elementary teachers, and some that are more appropriate for middle or high school instead.

Get your free templates right away by filling out the form on this page. Plus, don’t miss our free editable Meet the Teacher Slideshow.

Meet the Teacher Template Options

Tip: Planning to email your Meet the Teacher letter? Save it as a PDF and attach it to your message. Or print your letter and mail it or pass it out during your Back to School Night instead.

Lesson Plan Templates 1
We Are Teachers; Myranda McDonald

Preschool and Elementary Meet the Teacher Templates

These colorful templates show off your teacher personality and share some important information for students and families to know. It includes room for:

  • Your name and space to indicate how it’s pronounced, if necessary
  • Photo
  • About Me: Your teaching background and a little about your hobbies
  • Get in Touch: Best ways for families to reach you, with expectations for response time
  • My Favorites: Kids can bond with you over preferences you share, while families will find ideas for holiday and end-of-year gifts if they need them
Lesson Plan Templates 1 1
We Are Teachers; Myranda McDonald

Middle School and High School Meet the Teacher Templates

For these grade levels, you’ll probably want to keep your letter a little more focused on your background and contact info. These templates include fields like:

  • Your name, plus space to indicate how it’s pronounced and preferred pronouns (you can remove those fields if you prefer)
  • Photo
  • Contact Info: Preferred forms of contact
  • What I Teach: A list of the subjects and grades you’re teaching this year
  • Extracurriculars: Any after-school activities you’re involved in, like coaching or advising a club. If you don’t have any, you can change this to Hobbies or Fun Facts instead.
  • Background: Your educational background and teaching experience to promote confidence in your expertise
  • Good To Know: Any other information you’d like students and families to know

Get your free customizable Meet the Teacher template bundle

All you need to do is fill out the form on this page to grab your bundle of fully editable templates.

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