Ford's Galhotra predicts F-150 could become top-selling hybrid

Galhotra also said Ford is drastically reducing the number of configurations in which the F-150 can be built as part of a broader push to simply the business.

He said the number of orderable combinations will go from “over a billion down to a few hundred,” which he said was beneficial for customers, dealers and the company.

“There was always this internal tension with the marketing team wanting to always have the opportunity to provide precisely what the customer might want,” Galhotra said, noting that a build-to-order retail model popularized by the coronavirus pandemic changed minds. “Now if a customer wants something specific, they can wait for it.”

He said reducing complexity helps Ford control costs and better plan investments. Fewer moving parts means faster line speeds and that vehicles can be delivered to customers more quickly.

He said Ford is able to reduce buildable combinations by combining features on specific packages.

“We’ve bundled them more intelligently,” he said. “The customers love it, and the dealers love it.”

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