Firms alerted to £850m in highways work

Liverpool City Council has put contractors on alert for £850m in planned highways work.

The authority has launched a pre-market engagement exercise to glean feedback on its proposed framework.

The framework is expected to be in place from late January 2025 and run for up to four years.

A maximum of four suppliers are likely to be appointed for each of two value-based lots.

The first, worth a total of £100m, will be made up of individual projects valued at up to £1.5m, while the second, valued at £750m, will include projects worth more than £1.5m.

Liverpool City Council said it did not expect suppliers to be prevented from applying for both lots, but that question would be considered as part of the engagement process.

The Highways Planned Works framework will include both general civil engineering and new roadworks.

As part of the civil engineering work, suppliers will be responsible for highway and junction improvements, traffic signal installation and improvements, drainage works and structural improvements, as well as major resurfacing and surface treatment works.

The highways new work is expected to include public transport infrastructure and provision, active travel schemes, public realm, highways structures improvements and highways and junction realignments.

“The pre-market engagement exercise is intended to provide a platform for potential suppliers to comment and feed into the council’s procurement processes,” a Liverpool City Council spokesperson said.

“This early engagement is aimed at ensuring a process that best enables suppliers to provide solutions that meet the council’s requirements and objectives for this important framework.”

Suppliers will have until mid-May to give feedback on the proposed structure of the framework ahead of an engagement day planned for 5 June at Liverpool Town Hall and, potentially, further one-to-one meetings.

Formal procurement is expected to begin in July.

Contractors should register their interest here.

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