Eurovision's Olly Alexander reveals what went wrong during performance

Eurovision’s Olly Alexander has lifted the lid on what went wrong during his live performance in the semi-final in Malmo.

Swept up in the excitement of Eurovision, the singer had not lost heart despite suffering a technical blunder on stage on Tuesday – sparking concern among some eagle-eyed viewers who noticed while watching at home.

During Lorraine on Wednesday, the performer explained the wardrobe malfunction that left him improvising on stage. The singer’s microphone pack fell off him mid-performance but he had push on with the show. However looking back at the performance, the star shrugged off the small error and didn’t let it dampen his excitement as he put it down to live TV.

With great excitement, he said: “Oh my goodness me, this whole Eurovision experience is wild. Last night was amazing. The first time performing in the arena on TV. It was just amazing.”

However, Alexander honestly shared what had gone on with his microphone with viewers. He added: “I had a slight wardrobe malfunction. My mic pack fell off so I had to improvise! It was fine. That’s live TV, it happens.”

Swept up in the excitement of Eurovision, Olly Alexander had not lost heart after the error.Swept up in the excitement of Eurovision, Olly Alexander had not lost heart after the error.

Swept up in the excitement of Eurovision, Olly Alexander had not lost heart after the error. (Getty)

TV host Lorraine Kelly, who revealed she was a big fan, was quick to share her reassurance with the singer. “I think you did so, so well with that,” she said.

The TV presenter insisted not everyone would have picked up on the small mistake, although she admitted that she had seen it happen in the semi-final. On the plus side, she shared she was impressed with how the singer managed the wardrobe malfunction.

She further explained: “I noticed it but I think a lot of people wouldn’t have noticed the microphone pack just came away. You’re having to… It wasn’t in the script. Well done on that!”

Viewers had shared their concern for the singer after they saw his microphone pack had fallen off his chest while he was performing. Social media was awash with their concerns.

Among the comments, one person wrote: “Yikes- the battery pack for Olly Alexander’s mic has fallen out!”

Others added: “Olly Alexander delivered a ridiculously assured and confident performance which remains true to him as an artist. He did incredibly well to deal with his mic pack falling off. Bravo.”

“I know there was annoying mic pack thing tonight, and could see it on your face that you weren’t happy.”

Olly Alexander performing in Eurovision's semi-finalOlly Alexander performing in Eurovision's semi-final

Behind the scenes of Eurovision, Olly Alexander revealed there is no rivalry. (Getty)

Elsewhere in the interview, Alexander revealed his favourite part of the competition and it may surprise some of the viewers at home. The Dizzy singer shared that behind the scenes there is no rivalry between the acts, despite the final this weekend.

“There is such an atmosphere of love,” he said. “I love so many of the other contestants they’re brilliant. We want each other to do well. We’re a community now. We’re in a Whatsapp group together. It’s been the experience of a lifetime. I will never forget this.”

Of his excitement, he added: “It’s the Olympics of music, it’s so exciting. It’s like nothing else on earth. It’s a fun chaotic circus.”

Kelly teased Alexander over his “naughty” performance with his shirtless dancers. She quipped: “Those dancers are just fantastic aren’t they!”

“They’re absolutely incredible,” Alexander said. “The things they have to do. They’re hanging upside down. They’re so fit. They’re so strong. Their so in character. We’ve really pushed it. The team is fantastic.”

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