Emily Blunt Says Taylor Swift Gave Her Kid The ‘Best’ Compliment

You already knew that Taylor Swift is an extremely talented, hardworking singer/songwriter. And sure there have been instances where she’s been kind to celebrity kids, like when she adorably waved at Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’s son, Genesis. Now, though, we have proof that even when the cameras aren’t rolling, she’ll be your kids biggest hypewoman.

Enter Emily Blunt, who shares daughters Hazel (9) and Violet (7) with husband, actor John Krasinski. Blunt was recently on Howard Stern’s Sirius Radio show and there she shared how Taylor totally made her oldest daughter felt seen and comfortable.

At some point Blunt and her family met the superstar, and, Blunt said, “she’s the nicest.” She added, “She was so nice to my kids! My oldest kid had just cut all of her hair off, this very short haircut, and she was very self-conscious about, and Taylor Swift goes, ‘God, look at you. You’re just like this 60s Beatnik cool kid, I love your style.’ And I thought my child was going to faint. It was the best thing anyone’s done for my child,” she concluded.

Stern replied, “That’s so sweet that she did that.”

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It’s true. It’s not every day that megastars interact with normal folks, even if said normal folk is an award-winning actor like Blunt. But it’s so refreshing to see people in positions of power praise kids’ individuality, especially when they might be able to sense insecurity. So well done Taylor for propping up a kid when she needed it.

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