Ear of Vicolo Gazzana in Milan, Italy


As you walk outside the metro stop S. Ambrogio, the first turn you take for left on Via Edmondo de Amicis leads you to a narrow street barely blocked by two cement cylinders holding a chain. As you walk around them, you’ll approach this an ear on the side of a building.

At first, it seems like a modern interpretation of famous Casa Sola-Busca, or House of the Ear, which holds a bronze ear sculpture from 1930. The bronze ear served as a primitive intercom, a device that allowed communication between arriving guests and the household. However, this yellow ear has a different and rather vague history.

It is thought to be a work of art from Urbansolid, a group of artists who adorn the city with sculptures of brains along with wifi symbols, naked bodies emerging from walls, colored faces and, you guessed it: ears.

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