Daniel Arsham Designs Kohler Bath Collection + a Cabin to Go With It

Kohler has teamed up with New York-based contemporary artist Daniel Arsham to redefine the luxury lifestyle experience. This unique collaboration blends immersive travel and elevated design, introducing a new perspective on luxury living and resort experiences. This partnership, known as Arsham in Kohler, brings together Kohler’s tradition of high-quality design and Arsham’s innovative artistic vision. It features six large-scale sculptures displayed across the Kohler resort property, a bespoke luxury guest cabin with scenic Lake Michigan views, and a meticulously crafted bathroom collection named Landshapes.

A modern bathroom vanity setup features a uniquely shaped white basin, a wooden framed mirror, and wall sconce lights on a textured tiled wall. A green plant is partially visible on the right.

A highlight of the collaboration is the Arsham Cabin, part of the Kohler Cabin Collection. This private luxury retreat offers guests a chance to immerse themselves in Arsham’s world, with elements of his art and design integrated throughout the cabin. Located a short drive from the American Club resort-hotel and near the famous Whistling Straits golf course, the cabin accommodates four guests and features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a cozy living space and kitchen. Guests can enjoy a stocked pantry with Arsham’s favorite items, a wood-burning fireplace, and a wrap-around porch with lake and zen garden views.

A wall light fixture with a soft, draped design is mounted next to a wooden-framed mirror on a gray tiled wall.

A modern bathroom features a sleek white toilet, a wall-mounted toilet paper holder, a potted plant, and a window providing natural light. The walls are covered in small, dark gray tiles.

The Arsham Cabin isn’t just a place to stay; it’s an experience. Guests have access to the resort’s amenities, including the Sports Core Health & Racquet Club and the River Wildlife wilderness preserve, which offers activities like hiking and fishing. This setting, combined with Arsham’s art installations, creates a unique environment where art, nature, and luxury coexist.

A bathroom with gray tiled walls, a wooden vanity with a wavy mirror, two wall-mounted lights, a white sink, and a potted plant on the right.

Arsham’s Landshapes collection for Kohler, showcased in the Arsham Cabin, looks to nature for inspiration, featuring designs that incorporate his signature elements like water droplets and chiseled forms. The collection includes a hand-carved freestanding tub and distinctive vanities, both of which give nod to Arsham’s travels to Japan and Japanese chinoiserie. Additional Landshapes pieces are a vessel sink inspired by Arsham’s Rock.01 sink creation, and glass faucet handles that reference droplets of water. There’s also Kohler’s Veil Smart toilet, designed to resemble natural erosion, a style he’s well known for, as well as organically shaped mirrors and lighting fixtures. The Landshapes collection will be commercially available later this year.

Modern bathroom features a wooden vanity below a wavy mirror, flanked by white wall sconces, and a textured blue tile backsplash. Partial view of a bed with a knitted beige throw in foreground.

A modern bedroom portrays a mix of minimalism and artistic decor with a unique mirror, green chair, and pendant lights. The room includes a view into a stylish bathroom with a patterned wall and vanity.

A cozy bedroom features a bed with blankets and fluffy pillows, a unique lamp on the nightstand, a modern chair, and wall art. The window offers a view of the outside landscape.

Bedroom with a view of an adjoining bathroom. The bedroom has a bed, armchair, and wooden furniture. The bathroom features green tiles, a mirror, and a sink with a person entering.

A cozy living room with modern decor, featuring chairs, a sofa, a pendant light, and a wood-burning stove. Beyond the large windows, there's a view of a grassy area and the ocean in the distance.

A tranquil seaside wooden deck with two abstract outdoor sculptures near a grassy area, partially covered by a wooden pergola, under a clear sky.

Wooden cabin with teal metal roof, large porch, white outdoor chairs, and a golf bag on the porch. Green trees and partly cloudy sky in the background.

A simple wooden house with a blue metal roof, surrounded by trees and a green lawn, under a clear sky. A person on a bicycle is visible in the background near the road.

A small lakeside house with a teal roof is surrounded by lush greenery and trees, adjacent to a sandy area and a large body of water. The sky is clear with some clouds near the horizon.

A large, metallic sculpture of a vintage Pentax camera is displayed outdoors amidst greenery and a body of water.

The resort now hosts six of Arsham’s large-scale public sculptures, strategically placed to encourage exploration and reflection across Destination Kohler’s property, including their renowned golf courses and resort areas. The Arsham in Kohler sculptures on view are the Bronze Eroded Leica Camera, Bronze Eroded Porsche 911, Pokemon and Trainer, Amalgamized head of Hermes of Olympia, an unearthed head of Melpomene, and a Bronze Eroded Venus de Milo. Arsham’s sculptures are designed to evoke discussions and invite viewers to see golf and the surrounding landscape in a new light.

A bronze sculpture of a damaged Porsche car is placed on a grassy area, with noticeable crumples and holes in the body of the vehicle. Trees and a field are visible in the background.

“Incorporating my sculptures into the golf landscape will hopefully spark conversation about creative expression and golf in a whole new way,” says Arsham. “There is a kind of artistic, architectural, even sculptural proposition that’s inherent in the game of golf, where you end up playing against the creator of the course itself. We created an atmosphere where unexpected wonders emerge out of the blue, offering moments of surprise, and beckoning guests and the community to explore our world from a new perspective.”

A large bronze head sculpture lies on a grassy field, with shards protruding from one side. Trees are visible in the background.

A large bronze bust with a reflective, fragmented surface on the top of the head, set on a grassy lawn with trees and a stone staircase in the background.

A bronze statue of a person in a hat holding a device with one hand and raising the other, standing next to an animal with large ears on a grassy field. Trees and a clear sky are in the background.

A person wearing a hat walks near a large green statue of Venus de Milo situated in a grassy landscape with the sea in the background.

Daniel Arsham seen near his Bronze Eroded Venus de Milo sculpture on the Kohler grounds.

In addition to the Arsham Cabin, the Landshapes bathroom collection, and the sculptures installations, Arsham collaborated with Stephen Malbon on a merchandise collection for lifestyle golf apparel brand Malbon, all part of the Arsham in Kohler collaboration. For more information, head to destinationkohler.com.

Photography courtesy of Kohler Co.

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