Current Task Light Takes Charge of Recharging All of Your Devices

If one was to characterize UK-based Jones & Partners’ portfolio of industrial designs, “unfussy yet functional” comes to mind. It would also be obvious to spotlight the studio’s affinity for integrating multitasking and adaptable elements into a modern vernacular comfortably applicable to both commercial and residential environments, something fully on display with their award winning task lighting + charging concept, Current.

DM 082123 current light electronics design concept hero

Born out of internal research identifying a lack of thoughtfully designed solutions for coworkers to plug into while working communally from one another across a large table or desk, Jones & Partners tapped into their experience in the contract furniture market and the electronic design realm. The result is an elegantly realized modular task lamp offering illumination, storage for stationery, wireless and USB port charging, and the option to add additional outlets in a single form factor sans any iota of clutter.

DM 082123 current light electronics design concept storage sq1 1

Presented in two version, the first is a minimalist task lamp equipped with a seamlessly integrated wireless charging surface situated on the left side of the lamp’s base near the task lamp’s on/off switch.

Current LED desk lamp set on light blue surface with two small storage cups filled with pens and pencils. The left side of lamp base includes a USB A and USB C ports, and a European compatible power outlet near the lamp's on/off switch.

The second Current edition is akin to an iceberg, with a portion of the lamp base hidden beneath the tabletop. The surface mounted design conceals a larger plug-in unit, allowing for two interchangeable charging modules to be added/switched out as desired.

Long workspace communal desk with five chairs on rolling legs and three Current task lamps across top. One laptop is set near the middle of the desk with Jones & Partners logo on the screen.

Installed in multiples, Current illuminates with an intimacy reminiscent of academic library lamps, albeit realized in a more contemporary form.

Current task lamp base photographed from side-top angle showing the slim footprint upon the table and small indent where the two storage cups rest.

Close up detail of the two clear green storage cups filled with pens and pencils in a workspace setting.

Detailed cropped shot of three paperclips set across the wireless charging base of the Current task lamp with the on/off switch in the center of the photo.

Current on light wood desk with light tan task chair in the background; iPhone shown wirelessly charging on its base, with its two storage cups filled with pens and pencils.

The slender “I-shaped” base and LED shade require only a minimal amount of space, both across surfaces and also visually as the antidote for workspace clutter.

Current LED task lamp staged in darker room with Apple AirPods earbuds nearby with smartphone charging on the left side of the lamp base and two small empty storage cups on the right. Lamp is on and illuminating surface immediately underneath with dark shadowed background.

The configurable task light currently remains a concept design, with eventual availability made more likely noting Jones & Partners earned a Red Dot Award 2023 for their creative efforts.

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