Ciarko Design Mono Range Hoods Operate With a Wave of the Hand

You might have observed there’s been an uptick in concern about the air we breathe in our homes. According to the EPA, the levels of indoor air pollutants can be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels. Everything from the invisible fumes perpetually emanating from furniture upholstery, dust and danders from our own skin and the fur of our pets, and even radon seeping up from the ground can all accumulate into a cauldron of unhealthy pollutants. The kitchen is also a major source from which smoke and grease land into the air we breathe, making proper circulation and venting vital a practical necessity.

Too often “practical necessity” comes at the expense of aesthetics, especially when it comes to filtration appliances engineered to move sullied air efficiently. Ciarko Design’s Mono kitchen hoods propose an alternative functional and aesthetic approach to keeping kitchen air clean and smell-free.

Modern kitchen with an island featuring a steel cooktop under a Ciarko Design Mono kitchen hood, emitting steam, alongside a wine glass, utensils, and cutting board.

A modern cylindrical black Ciarko Design wall mounted kitchen hood emitting soft light downwards, positioned against a dark gray background.

A hand turns on a modern Mono kitchen hood by Ciarko Design with built-in lighting, casting a warm glow on the stove below.

A modern Ciarko Design Mono kitchen hood with a person's hand waving under the light and motion sensor, activating the hood in a dimly lit setting.

Where most kitchen range hoods take on the appearance of Tesla Cybertruck spare parts, with metal sheets folded into awnings for capturing smoke, the Mono extraction hood’s carbon filtration system is contained within a stylishly fluted minimalist exterior akin to a modern air purifier.

Modern kitchen with a Ciarko Design Mono kitchen hood mounted on a tiled wall above a white countertop, with decorative bowls and vases, sucking in steam from a bowling pot below.

Additionally, the hood operates using gesture control, allowing users to turn on or off the hood, change the operating mode or adjust the color temperature adjustable lighting without having to physically touch it. But if you do happen to have to physically interact with the Mono hood, take comfort there’s an AntiFingerPrint protective layer designed to keep it clean from fingerprints and likely a bit of excess grease.

Modern kitchen interior with a Mono kitchen hood, marble countertop, wooden cabinets, and green accents, featuring clean and minimalistic design.

Available in White, Black, Gold, Rose gold, Green, and Ecru, the Mono is designed for both wall mounting or suspended from the ceiling for instances when venting out might not be possible. The Polish design recently was awarded an iF Gold Design Award in the Kitchen Appliance category, but hunting availability Stateside may require contacting Ciarko directly.

Six Mono kitchen hood filters by Ciarko Design arranged in two rows of three, featuring varying colors and ribbed textures on a dark background.

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