Celebrity beauty brands exceed $1bn in sales in 2023, says NIQ report

Celebrity beauty brands exceed 1bn in sales in 2023

According to a recent market research report release by NIQ, celebrity beauty brands have steadily increased in sales, growing by 57.8% from $691.5bn in 2022 to $1,091.1bn in 2023. This growth comes despite the slowdown of celebrity brand launches, which has decreased from their peak of nineteen launches in 2021 to six launches as of November 2023.

CosmeticsDesign spoke to Anna Mayo, VP Beauty Vertical at NIQ for her insights about celebrity beauty brand trends, including the report’s most compelling takeaways, the forecasted trajectory of celebrity beauty brands in 2024 and beyond. Mayo also discussed essential considerations for cosmetics and personal care product manufacturers and suppliers looking to work with celebrity beauty brands.

Report methodology & current celeb beauty consumer profile  

To compile the data used in the report’s analysis and determinations, “the NIQ team is constantly monitoring the beauty market to keep a pulse on the latest launches in celebrity beauty,” Mayo said. From there, “we then pull sales for our brand list from NIQ’s Omnishopper database, which measures the Full View of beauty sales, including online and in-store, across mass, premium, and direct-to-consumer brands,” she explained.

The report tracked the performance of multiple celebrity beauty brands, including Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, Jennifer Lopez’s JLO Beauty, and Rihanna’s Fenty Skin. From its analysis, the report sought to create an avatar of the celebrity beauty consumer, determining that on average, “celeb beauty buyers spend $1,003.64 per year on beauty, or 1.25 times the average buyer.”

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