Casa Vipp Andorra: A Modern Retreat in the Mountains of Andorra

While Vipp is best known for their impeccably designed kitchens and accessories, the confidence in their quality of products has expanded to a collection of 10 guesthouses, each outfitted with Vipp furniture, lighting, and kitchens. Vipp Guesthouses are thoughtfully positioned in unique locales across the globe, and Casa Vipp Andorra is no exception. Located in a traditional Andorran Borda, which is a stone house typically found in the Andorran mountain region, the 7th edition guesthouse in Andorra la Vella’s old town has been transformed into a contemporary retreat.

A modern living area with a comfortable sofa, a plush chair, and a unique lamp under the stairs

“Instead of designing one destination with several rooms, we offer several destinations with just one room. While each place explores various architectural archetypes and carries unique identities, the common denominator is a carefully curated aesthetic where the V1 kitchen and furniture collection from Vipp are repeated,” says Kasper Egelund, CEO, and 3rd generation co-owner of Vipp.

A cozy living room featuring a fireplace and round chair

A dining space with three hanging lanterns, a round table, and rustic pottery on a black shelf

In partnership with local design consultancy Bau Studio, Vipp introduced their first guesthouse outside Scandinavia with Casa Vipp Andorra. The guesthouse retains its iconic porthole windows, a feature from the 1950s that added a modern touch to the structure. Inside, visitors are introduced to a lodge-style interior complemented by Vipp’s serene Scandinavian design.

A stylish Vipp V1 kitchen with a clean design, black cabinets, and open shelves holding dishes and cookware

The guesthouse spans two floors and 100 square meters. The first floor features an open kitchen, a dining and living area with a fireplace, a guest toilet with laundry facilities, and a small balcony. A custom metal staircase leads to the second floor, which houses a bedroom and a large bathroom equipped with an open shower and a freestanding bathtub. The porthole windows offer views of the city center of Andorra, surrounded by the valleys and peaks of this small country nestled between France and Spain.

The surrounding area is ideal for those looking for a natural respite. In winter, the area boasts some of the best ski slopes in the Pyrenees, while summer offers excellent hiking trails.

A spacious kitchen featuring Vipp V1 island with ample workspace and surrounding windows

An overhead view of a round stone dining table with minimalistic decor

A simple yet elegant corner with a wicker basket

Office area with a sleek black desk lamp and circular windows at Casa Vipp Andorra

A tranquil bedroom with wooden beams, a port window, and a cozy linen bedspread

Partial view of a modern loft bedroom with a desk to the left and looking into the open bathroom space.

A minimalist bathroom featuring a glass shower, white walls, and wooden ceiling beams

A bathroom with a white freestanding tub

The exterior of Casa Vipp Andorra showcasing its blend of modern and rustic architectural elements

Exterior view of a modern hotel with tall colorful buildings surrounding it with snowy mountains int the background.

Photography by Irina Boersma.

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