CARV and MARBLEX Partner to Deliver Data-Driven Web3 Gaming Experiences

SANTA CLARA & SEOUL, US & Korea, March 21st, 2024, GamingWire

CARV, the modular data layer for gaming and AI, and MARBLEX, the gaming-focused blockchain company by Netmarble Corp., announced a strategic partnership today. Through this collaboration, MARBLEX will harness CARV’s robust data layer to gain new insights into user behavior across web2 and web3 platforms, games, and devices, driving heightened global engagement and satisfaction among gamers.

MARBLEX’s partnership with CARV promises multiple benefits. The South Korean gaming powerhouse will not only expand its formidable reach to web3 users through integration with CARV’s ecosystem, encompassing 2.2 million gamers across key regions including Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Europe, but it will also gain deeper insights into user behavior and enhance service delivery through CARV’s robust data infrastructure.

As a leading interoperable credential infrastructure, CARV bridges the digital divide between games and gamers with a user-centric data layer across mobile, PC, and console platforms. CARV uses its protocol and platform to offer gamers with all-in-one achievement display, semantic friend and game recommendations, and access to credential-gated gaming premiums. Games, meanwhile, can access comprehensive, compliant, and ethically sourced gamer data—a challenging feat for mobile games in today’s post-IDFA era.

CARV has already notched partnerships with some of the biggest names in web3 including ecosystems like BNB Chain, Avalanche, Ronin, and Linea, as well as top games such as Shrapnel, Off the Grid, Apeiron, Pixelmon, and 600+ more, demonstrating a strong market appetite for data self-sovereignty in gaming.

Partnering with MARBLEX, a leading blockchain gaming company in South Korea, is yet another validation of CARV’s innovative data layer. “MARBLEX is a gaming and blockchain pioneer and we’re thrilled to elevate the company’s data capabilities in the dynamic landscape of web3,” said CARV co-founder Victor Yu. “Identifying the right audience—particularly in a compliant and ethical manner—is paramount for transitioning gamers from web2 to web3. We’re eager to collaborate with MARBLEX in achieving precisely that,” Yu said.

“Understanding our users is central to our role as game creators and ecosystem builders,” said Jin Pyo-Hong, CEO of MARBLEX. “Partnering with CARV and its comprehensive data layer empowers us to provide personalized experiences through active data sharing, aligning our offerings even more closely with user preferences.”

The strategic partnership caps off a period of great growth for CARV. In March, CARV received final approval from Ethereum for its revolutionary protocol, ERC-7231, which redefines data ownership and identity management in web3.

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MARBLEX is a blockchain-powered subsidiary of Netmarble Corp. Netmarble Corp. is a well-established developer and publisher of mobile games, comprised of more than 6,000 game industry veterans and blockchain technology experts from across the globe. MARBLEX aims to bring the highest quality blockchain games to market by providing key services such as a cryptocurrency wallet, token staking and an NFT Marketplace. MBX, a proprietary blockchain ecosystem launched by MARBLEX, allows gamers to advance their experiences through organic engagement and rewards for participation. The MBX ecosystem can be enjoyed as part of popular Netmarble titles, such as A3: Still Alive, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds and The King of Fighters Arena. For more information, visit

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CARV is the largest modular data layer for gaming and AI, revolutionizing how data is used and shared. CARV ensures privacy, ownership, and control are firmly in the hands of individuals and provides gaming and AI development with holistic and high-quality data reinforced with human feedback in a regulatory-compliant, trustless way. To pioneer a future where data generates value for all, CARV has built CARV Protocol, the modular data layer, deploying on 40 chain ecosystems with multi-apps on top. CARV Play is the flagship dApp, an AI-powered super app for gamer profiling, social, and game distribution with more than 2.2 million users and 600 games. For more information, visit


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