Capa Ghost Town in Capa, South Dakota

Capa was laid out in 1908, soon after the railroad was extended into the area.


The name Capa is derived from a Sioux-language word meaning “Beaver”. A post office called Capa was established in 1907, and remained in operation until it was discontinued in 1976


To reach the tiny Ghost Town of Capa, you need to get to Midland South Dakota, and Midland is due 12 miles due North of the “1880 Town” (exit 170 on I-90). Capa is then 9 miles due East on Capa Road.


This is truly a Ghost Town in every sense of the word. The buildings and land make for very picturesque photographs.

Know Before You Go

Capa is located on a dirt road and you need an SUV, Jeep, or Truck to get to the site. Cell coverage is not very good. Be sure your vehicle is in good working order before visiting this site.

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