Canistrum Toilets in Kenilworth, Australia

The official name for the design is Canistrum (Latin for wicker basket) and was described by the designer (Michael Lennie) as “an unfinished basket reflecting an unfinished history”.  The council invested in the design with the goal of attracting visitors, with the idea inspired by the Hundertwasser toilet in New Zealand.  Michael Lennie’s design was chosen in the Kenilworth Designer Dunny with almost 200 entries. The designs all had to take into account the seasonal flooding from the Mary River


It is intended to honour the traditional crafting of Aboriginal basket weaving (particularly for fishing) while also embracing modern materials.  Similarly it uses striking colors to contrast to the native environment.


“Its bold and vibrant colours create a striking effect against the Kenilworth Conondale Ranges’ tree line.”




Proceeding past the toilets will lead into Kenilworth whose bakery offers the one kilogram donut challenge. 





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