Beyond sunscreens: Integrating oral supplements for optimal photoprotection

Beyond sunscreens Integrating oral supplements for optimal photoprotection

In the ever-evolving landscape of cosmetics and personal care, B2B manufacturers and suppliers are constantly exploring innovative solutions to address changing consumer needs. As consumer awareness around the need for comprehensive sun protection strategies continues to become more pervasive, the concept of incorporating oral supplements with topical sunscreens is emerging as a promising approach.

To learn more about this growing beauty from within segment, CosmeticsDesign spoke to Nuria Caturla Cernuda, Chief R&D Officer, Monteloeder at SuanNutra for her insights into the limitations of relying solely on topical sunscreens for skin photoprotection. In our discussion, we delve into the latest industry trends, research, and innovations highlighting the potential benefits and challenges of adjunctive photoprotection strategies.

CDU: What are the acknowledged limitations of relying solely on topical sunscreens for photoprotection?​ 

Nuria Caturla Cernuda (NCC)​: Skin photoprotection is traditionally referred to only topical sunscreens. However, they have some drawbacks and often are not enough to provide reliable all-day protection.   

Most people only apply sunscreens during holidays or sunny days however the 80% of sun exposure occurs in normal daily life. Consumers generally do not apply correctly regarding quantity and forget to reapply every 2 hours.  

There are many studies that have demonstrated that people usually apply a quarter of the amount need to get the SPF rating on the bottle. That’s means that in case you use a product designed to offer an SPF of 50, in reality, you are applying only a protection of 3. Effectiveness is affected by perspiration, washing, or rubbing.  

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