Area 21 Cusco in Cusco, Peru

Area 51 might be barricaded by barbed wire and military guards, but this open-air exhibit welcomes all intrepid travelers. Signs that say Abducción Gratis (“Abduction Free”) and the looming figure of a crashed UFO greet visitors, encouraging guests to meet ET’s distant relatives. Situated atop a hill on the outskirts of Cusco along a winding path, visitors can pose with an assortment of extraterrestrials of all shapes, sizes, and home planets.

However, this is more than a kitschy roadside attraction or opportunity for an Instagram photo-op. The interactive art compilation, crafted by Tupaq Kamariy Candia, perfectly melds Peruvian culture and science fiction, illuminating Peru’s rich history with the cosmos.

Andean culture is reflected throughout the park, invigorating guests to delve into stories surrounding local legends and beliefs surrounding celestial beings. The theme park also contains sculptures of Indigenous Paracas and Inca mummies, further demonstrating the region’s rich history and inviting visitors to ponder the influence aliens might have had on ancient civilizations.

The unique venue makes a perfect afternoon trip for travelers, as the exhibit is only an hour from downtown Cusco and is near the Adobe of the Gods, another popular destination amongst tourists. Enjoy the sites, and try not to get beamed up!

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