Apple's Vision Pro Will Be Infused With AI Smarts: Report

Despite putting plans for its next generation of Apple Vision Pro hardware on the back burner, Apple is going to update its spatial computing headset with AI features powered by its “Apple Intelligence” initiative. That’s according to a Bloomberg report from Mark Gurman, who notes that the $3,499 device will not be getting its AI upgrades this year alongside other Apple hardware.

Those enhanced features will include notification prioritization, writing tools, and an upgraded Siri enhanced with OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, according to the Sunday report, which notes that Apple seems intent on positioning the device as a productivity tool and computer replacement.

“The capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro and the advanced workflows unlocked with AI will be a match made in heaven,” AI educator Rowan Cheung tweeted in response to the news.

As the Apple Vision Pro has more than enough horsepower to support the additional AI features, Gurman notes, the primary challenge will be to adapt them for the immersive interface. Still, he said, the headset is already running a variant of the iPad operating system, which will get Apple Intelligence features later this year.

Bloomberg also said that Apple is reworking its in-store demos of the Apple Vision Pro, swapping out the default headband, giving potential buyers the opportunity to view their own photos and videos in the headset, and expanding explorations of specific features.

Given constraints on the hardware development side, Bloomberg suggests Apple could seize opportunities to monetize AI.

“The company could eventually launch something like ‘Apple Intelligence+’—with extra features that users pay monthly fees for, just like iCloud,” Gurman writes. “On top of that, Apple will get a cut of the subscription revenue from every AI partner that it brings onboard.”

The report also confirmed some bad news for fans of open-source AI models, and of Meta’s Llama-3 in particular. Despite earlier reports that the companies were discussing a partnership similar to the one inked with OpenAI, Apple had reportedly closed the door on the possibility early on.

“Apple has zero interest in embedding Meta’s service,” Gurman said.

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