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Anna Sui’s new collection is inspired by Agatha Christie, so obviously the runway was at the Strand.

Emily Temple

February 12, 2024, 1:52pm

It’s fashion week in New York City, which (alas) doesn’t usually concern us all that much here at Literary Hub. But last night, Anna Sui introduced her fall 2024 collection, entitled “WHODUNNIT!!!,” with a runway show at iconic bookstore The Strand—to best set the stage for its literary influences. The brand describes the collection this way:

Inspired by Agatha Christie and the character Miss Marple, this collection is deeply inspired by the quaint English countryside and the vibrant city of London. The collection showcases clothing staples within Christie’s novels and of Miss Marple such as sharp tweeds, charming crochet collars garb, and fetching fairisles.

Very good. Debbie Harry, Sofia Coppola, Marc Jacobs, and other fashion-forward book lovers (one imagines, anyway) came to see Sui’s collection, which was soundtracked by Sonic Youth, the Breeders, Smashing Pumpkins, and Elastica. And, of course, surrounded by books.

“Miss Marple is my favorite Character from the Agatha Christie novels,” said Sui on Instagram. “I enjoyed watching all the BBC TV production, whether in a quaint English Countryside or the Bustling City of London. Everyone Dressing in Sharp tweeds, Fetching Fair isles, and Charming Crochet Collars garb. And Miss Marple with her iconic Gladstone Bag.”

If Miss Marple wasn’t enough, there’s also a series of looks “inspired by Virginia Woolf book covers, with shades of Bristol blue, black and cream” (I definitely see it):

See all the looks and read more about the collection here.

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