AI-powered solutions could enhance sustainability in the beauty industry

AI powered solutions could enhance sustainability in the beauty industry

Sustainability has become a crucial aspect of product development in beauty, but the cosmetics industry faces significant challenges in addressing environmental impact from the design phase. As a result, some tech companies have developed artificial intelligence (AI) backed solutions to navigate the design process.

We spoke to Neil D’Souza, CEO and Founder of Makersite, an AI-powered platform to support manufacturers in “integrating multiple data sources to deliver analytics on compliance, EPDs, PCFs, scope 1,2 & 3, forecasts & should-costs,” according to the company’s website. D’Souza’s insights underscored the importance of early-stage sustainable solutions, highlighting how “the increasing complexity of modern products makes it hard to ensure transparent and sustainable operations throughout the supply chain.”

The importance of sustainable design

“With over 90% of a cosmetic product’s environmental impact determined by design and the materials it’s made from, the only way for personal care and cosmetics companies to address sustainability is to change how products are made,” shared D’Souza. He explained that many manufacturers struggle to weigh the implications of design and purchase decisions early on, leading to sustainability challenges that affect product development, profitability, and time to market.

Increasing sustainability regulations in North America and Europe, such as the EU Green Deal initiative and the Packaged Product Waste Regulations (PPWR), have increased pressure on manufacturers. These regulations promote waste collection, processing, recycling, and enhancing environmental product and packaging design.

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