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After Democrats warned that democracy was on the ballot, Kamala Harris said that ‘democracy remains intact

Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, stated that “democracy remains intact” after Tuesday’s midterm elections. Many Democrats had warned that democracy was on Tuesday’s ballot.

Harris made these comments at the Democratic National Committee event in Washington D.C., on Thursday.

“So, as we gather here to vote, they are still being counted. Your work has sent a clear message to the whole world. Our democracy is strong. Harris stated that democracy looks this way when it is intact. Here’s the truth. Some Democrats won, while some Republicans won. This is what happens when over 100 million Americans vote and participate in free, fair, and open elections.

Harris and President Biden both stated in speeches throughout the country that democracy was on Tuesday’s ballot.

Harris reminded voters that democracy is on the ballot during Monday’s speech at the University of California Los Angeles

“And so, when we talk democracy is on the ballot it is. Harris stated that democracy has a dual nature. Harris said that a democracy can have an immense amount of strength if it is strong in terms of its ability to give its citizens the freedom and rights they deserve. It can be a great help in lifting people.

During a speech in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 2, Biden stated four times that democracy was on their ballot.

These are the first principles that must be remembered when democracy is on the ballot. Biden stated that democracy means the rule and control of the people, not monarchs or monies. Recent polls show that the overwhelming majority of Americans think that democracy is at stake and that democracy is in danger. They also see democracy on the ballot this election year and are deeply concerned about it.

Biden stated that he was willing to work alongside Republicans during Thursday’s Democratic National Committee event. He also said that the American people want Republicans working with him.

Biden stated that “Regardless of the outcome, I’m willing to work alongside Republicans, but the American people made it clear that they expect Republicans to cooperate with me,” “And, folks, I’ll never be closed to any good ideas from others, Democrat and Republican, to move this country forward.”

Biden’s remarks come at a time when Congress is still unsure about the balance of power.

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