A Mom Explains Why She Makes Dinners That No One Else In Her Family Eats

One of the most frustrating aspects of parenting for many people is food preparation and cooking, getting your entire family to agree on a meal, and getting your kids to eat anything that isn’t shaped like a dinosaur. Add a partner who has their own likes and dislikes, and meal planning can end up an absolutely hated task, where your needs come dead last.

One mom has found a solution, at least to that last part of the problem.

Liz Dornian, who also happens to be a nutritionist, makes sure to cook for herself every so often, even if she’s the only human in the household who likes the meal.

“Tonight I’m making a meal that no one else in my house likes,” she says in her Instagram video, while she’s preparing what looks like some very good enchiladas. “My kids will eat leftovers, my husband will just tolerate it, and honestly I don’t care. Because one sneaky thing about being a mom is that if you’re not careful, you’ll start to forget that your preferences actually matter. That when we cook for our families, our tastebuds are worthy of consideration just as much as our kids’ are.”

It’s an idea that a lot of parents, particularly the cooks in the house, identify with.

“I know sometimes that it feels like just one more thing, an extra hassle, but I’ve come to realize that sometimes — not every night, but sometimes — the hassle is worth it,” she continued. “And the extra dishes are just a small price to pay to feel a little more like myself in the midst of mom life.”

Okay, anyone else suddenly get hungry for a meal that they don’t cook anymore because of the preferences of their household?

She captioned the video: “No, your kids won’t eat it. So what? You will, and you’re a human too.”

Down in the comments, some people loved the idea of holding on to your own tastes and comfort foods even when the rest of your family members demand different dishes. But a lot of people were not so into the idea that people should [checks notes] cook food that they like every once in a while.

And yes, a lot of the people who were upset with her idea where men. Surprise!

“That’s fine as long as your husband occasionally gets a meal that he really likes too,” one really special guy said.

“I love how women see selfishness as strength,” another real winner said. “Strength is taking care of others before you take care of yourself. But for some reason, that isn’t praised anymore 🤔 And you wonder why the divorce is almost 60%.”

Luckily, a lot of parents who get it backed her up.

“People in the comments acting as if she’s forcing her whole family to eat vomit-flavored glass for dinner,” one person pointed out.

“If they’re hungry enough they’ll eat it. Moms deserve to take up space and have demands too. They are not domestic robot slaves for everyone else,” another said.

“If you’re not eating what I’m making, you’re making what you’re eating. That’s my motto,” one wise mother shared.

There were also multiple commenters who shared the same thought: “WHO DOESN’T LIKE ENCHILADAS??”

And they have a strong point.

The bottom line? It can be easy for moms to forget about themselves when they’re caring for so many others, especially in the kitchen. Pick a night to make enchiladas!

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