8-Year-Old Alf Bärbel Wit Proves Creative Talent Is Not Limited by Age

What Alf Bärbel Wit lacks in age, she makes up for in boundless imagination and inspiring talent. The 8-year-old artist from Amsterdam recently released the LinesLinesLines collection of graphic rugs for Moooi Carpets, proving that creativity isn’t limited by status, experience, or age. Alf’s art is characterized by intricate details, lines, shapes, and playful use of color, reminiscent of the greats like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Wassily Kandinsky (and even perhaps Design Milk’s very own founder Jaime Derringer). In bringing his drawings to life for Moooi, Alf offers a peek into his perspective on the world.

I sometimes wish that the whole world was made out of lines only.

child creating a large line drawing

child creating a large line drawing

To create his rug collection, his family had to make a sacrifice – they could not use their living room for weeks. The furniture had to be moved to the perimeter of the room as Alf’s large-scale drawings took over the entire floor. While he never titles his work due to the intuitive nature and journey of his creations, Alf named his carpets after his favorite songs as he always listens to music while he works. He also often receives the comment that his art feels like jazz. Thus, “Everything Now” and “Blinding Lights” are the two names he’s given to his rugs.

colorful graphic round rug

colorful graphic round rug on wall next to dining table

colorful graphic rectangular rug

colorful graphic rectangular rug on wall next to chair

The irony that people are about to walk all over his art is not lost on the artist. He finds it funny, further sharing, “I especially love that my art has become soft and hairy, and I can pet it like a cat! Haha.” At the end of the day, few are able to say they’ve created a collection for such a prestigious brand like Moooi, and Alf’s accomplishments should serve as an inspiration to us all. “Hopefully my work will inspire people to dream, to draw themselves, and make happy mistakes. My work is full of it!” Alf shares proudly. Echoing his wise reflections, Moooi confirms that “there are no boundaries in creativity nor the age of a talented designer.”

child creating a large line drawing

child creating a large line drawing

child on a white sofa next to a large colorful rug

white sofa next to a large colorful rug

close up of rug details

child on colorful graphic round rug next to grey sofa

close up of rug details

child drawing with his head down

child wearing a colorful graphic hooded sweatshirt

8-year-old artist Alf Bärbel Wit

Alf’s rugs are available in two sizes, in wool or polyamide, and in low-pile or soft-yarn versions. To learn more or purchase from Alf’s LinesLinesLines collection, visit moooicarpets.com.

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