37 Dopamine Decor Pieces To Give Your Home A Feel-Good Summer Update

When summer hits, it ushers in so many bright and happy things: days at the beach, unnaturally hued fruity drinks, fluorescent mani-pedis, and clothes in every color of the rainbow. The season itself serves as a major mood booster, yet how many of us actually give our homes a summer makeover the way we do with the other seasons?

Fall is for warm and cozy decor. When winter rolls around, we’re breaking out the creams, whites, and icy blues. And, well, spring cleaning is a thing for a reason. But summer deserves some aesthetic attention, too, and there’s an entire category practically made for the season: dopamine decor.

What is dopamine decor?

Known as the feel-good neurotransmitter, dopamine gets released in the brain when you do something enjoyable. So, dopamine decor is pretty much exactly as it sounds — decor that makes you feel happy. Part of the beauty of this type of decorating is that it’s highly personal. It’s about surrounding yourself with the things that make you smile, and that might look different from what makes someone else feel the same way.

But generally speaking, dopamine decor means incorporating bold and bright colors, patterns, and textures into your home. It also often includes layering nostalgic elements that remind you of happy memories or a time in your life you like to look back on. Dopamine decorating is warm and playful; it’s meant to lift your spirits, like this example from HomeGoods:

If you’re ready to lean into a little dopamine decorating, the following pieces can help kick off your summer refresh.

1. Throwback Cocktail Wall Art Set

Pop these pretty wall art prints over a bar cart to create a beautiful (and boozy) vignette. One reviewer gushed of the six-piece set, “These very simple but pretty prints look so elegant in a picture or poster frame. Added just the amount of warmth to my minimalistic space. Love these.”

2. Velvet Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

If you’re feeling non-committal about switching up your decor, try these throw pillow covers for an easy-to-undo option. Each cover is 18 inches by 18 inches, 100% velvet, and comes in a cute, punchy color-block style. Pillow inserts aren’t included, so you’ll have to spring for those or just pop these onto a set of pillows you already have at home.

3. Pop Color Photo Ledge

Each of these shelves is only 24 inches wide, so you’ll need to buy a few to achieve the rainbow shelving effect pictured here. Still, worth it! Imagine how cute this would look in your kid’s room or even in your own little reading nook.

4. Novogratz Aloha Collection Welcome Doormat

Make a joyful first impression with this bright and cheery welcome mat. You can always count on the Novogratz family to turn out decor that puts a smile on your face, and this hand-woven coir rug is no exception.

5. Rainbow Pearl Glaze Ceramic Indoor Pots

Do your plant bébés need a little pick-me-up? Pop ‘em in these rainbow pearlescent glazed indoor pots. The deep planting space promotes root growth, while the large drain holes ensure little Katniss Evergreen doesn’t drown. Plus, they’re high-temperature safe, so you can use them to give your patio a punch of color.

6. Ban.do Stacked Citrus Vase

You can’t ask for a cuter vase for your kitchen table than this stacked citrus version! When paired with a few fresh blooms, it’s an instant mood booster.

7. Palarma Square Side Table

What patio or porch wouldn’t look just a little more peppy with the addition of this modern side table? The rust-resistant finish and metal construction make it a no-brainer for covered outdoor areas, but it would also be perfect for your kid’s playroom. Also available in black, white, blue, and champagne gold.

8. Colorful Fridge Magnet Tiles

If you’re anything like me, you can never find a fridge magnet when you need one. Well, problem solved! This adorable set comes with 24 sleek and colorful glass tile magnets to hold everything from school pics to notes you plan to put in your kiddo’s lunchbox.

9. Amazon Echo Glow

We started with one Echo Glow and are now up to three. Our kids love them because you can customize the colors and brightness, making them ideal for ambiance or nightlights.

10. Bath Tub Soap Dish

Honestly, how could you not get a kick out of seeing this in your bathroom? Use it for those fancy decorative soaps you bust out when company comes to town, or drop your jewelry in it at the end of the day.

11. Boho Throw Blanket

Even in the sweltering heat of summer, you can never have too many throw blankets — especially when you’re adding this 100% cotton beauty that’s light enough for all-season use. If yellow isn’t your color, don’t worry; you can pick from 15 other colors/patterns.

12. Safavieh Handmade Bellagio Fronnie Rug

Safavieh’s Bellagio Collection gives a traditional style a vibrant spin. The wool blend makes this rug soft underfoot, while the silky smooth viscose gives it a shimmering aesthetic. In other words, your home office needs.

13. Hand Jewelry Holder

Who among us doesn’t have an overstuffed trinket dish? When you’re ready for an overflow option, let this polyresin jewelry holder, ahem, lend you a hand.

14. Danish Pastel Wall Art Print

There’s a time and a place for expensive art, but this economy isn’t it, friend. Reviewers gush about the “great quality” and “vibrancy” of this art print by TerraNoon artist Sienna. This particular piece would look gorgeous over a dining room table.

15. 10-Inch Cerulean Wall Clock

If you’re going to check your clock 100 times during the work day (why does the time seem to be moving in reverse?!), consider switching your basic black-and-white clunker with this bright and stylish cerulean blue 10-inch wall clock.

16. Full-Length Wavy Arched Floor Mirror

Funhouse meets the ‘70s meets designer-chic in this full-size wavy arched floor mirror. Choose from three other colors if you’re not sold on this (super cool) avocado green.

17. Kavka Designs Beach Umbrella Abstract Comforter Set

Growing up, my mom used to switch the bedding in my room every season — I sometimes still think about my flannel penguin-print duvet set when the weather starts to get cooler. Now that I’m an adult, I’m tempted to bring this seasonal switch-up back… for myself, not for my kids! I love the oh-so-summery beach umbrella print on this comforter set by Kavka.

18. Victrola Record Player

Do you love the sound of vinyl but can’t convince yourself to splurge on an expensive record player just yet? Try this super-affordable tabletop version from Victrola. Reviewers rave about its price point, aesthetics (it comes in seven colors), and dependability.

19. Rotating Disco Ball Diffuser

Ask me 100 times and I’ll give you the same answer every time: You can never have too many disco balls. They bring the vibes! This little cutie rotates (if you have a cat, they’re going to love chasing the light reflections!), changes colors, and uses ultrasonic technology to diffuse essential oils.

20. Soft Plush Knotted Pillow

Who says throw pillows must be square? Add interest to your sofa-scape with this “knot pillow ball.” Each 12-inch by 12-inch piece is hand-sewn and covered in soft velvet fabric, with 14 different color options to match whatever design style you’ve got going on in your home. Reviewers point out that they are small, so you may want to buy a few to cluster.

21. Vintage-Inspired Orange Juice Vase

A “fun conversation piece,” as one reviewer gushed, this ceramic orange juice vase features a charming vintage-inspired design by artist Dustin Williams. And since the design wraps around all four sides, you can stick it pretty much anywhere and guarantee a cute vignette.

22. Devontre Acrylic End Table 2-Tier Home Décor

Made of 100% premium acrylic, this minimalist side table looks sleek and futuristic. It comes in six colors, including punchy options like this orange, a bright blue, and even hot pink. If you have kids like me, the fact that it’s waterproof and extra-durable is obviously a huge pro.

23. Big Blanket Co. Original Stretch Blanket

I have a Big Blanket Co. Original Stretch Blanket on my bed, and I’ll never stop singing its praises. It’s massive, meaning you never have to play tug-of-war with your partner or kids over who gets some covers. It’s soft, it’s cozy, it’s machine-washable — honestly, *love.* Cow print is having a moment right now, and this pink version just makes me happy.

24. Retro Checkered Shower Curtain

Seeing this rainbow-checkered shower curtain over my shoulder while I researched this article, my 13-year-old shouted, “Ooh, I want!” So, there you have it — this perky bathroom textile has the tween/teen seal of approval. Measuring 72 inches long by 60 inches wide, it features a waterproof high-quality polyester fabric, 3D digital printing, is machine washable, and doesn’t require an extra liner.

25. Pink Preppy Diet Coke Digital Print

Not me immediately ordering this for my home office! Reviewers rave about the quality of this “Pink Preppy Diet Coke” digital print by New Orleans-based art studio ChicDigitalDesigns. It’s perfect for Diet Coke lovers, whether they’ve kicked their daily Diet Coke habit and miss it or currently have a can on their desk (can’t stop, won’t stop).

26. Hot Pink Decorative Pillow Covers

Although I’m partial to this hot pink pair (go bold or go home, right?), you’ve got options when it comes to these throw pillows — they come in 21 colors and eight sizes. Reviewers say they’re “soft and beautiful” and feel surprisingly luxurious for the cost.

27. Lilly Pulitzer Orchid Sheet Set

You can’t talk about dopamine decor without sneaking in a little Lilly! Is this stunning sheet set technically for teens? Sure. But these beauties would look great in the guestroom (or on your bed), and I won’t tell if you won’t.

28. Simple Designs Aqua Lamp

At this price point, this Simple Designs lamp makes for a smart seasonal update that you won’t mind tucking away once you break out the fall decor. With its beautiful aqua glass base, no one will guess you didn’t even pay $30 for it.

29. Squeezable Gummy Bear Night Light

OK, this one’s more for the kiddos! But seriously, how frickin’ cute is this gummy bear night light?! Available in seven fun colors, it measures 7 inches tall by three inches wide — so the perfect size for a dresser or nightstand. Your kid will love that the high-powered LED light is squeeze-activated, and you’ll love that it comes with a 60-minute sleep timer. Plus, it’ll run for 15 hours on a single charge, so your kid won’t be bugging you every five seconds to bring their gummy bear back to life.

30. Spiral Taper Candles

Here’s a simple swap suggestion: Pop your boring white tapers out of the candle holders that have been sitting neglected for months, and replace them with these dreamy candy-colored spirals. Each set comes with a gradience of six colors, and each candle has an estimated burn time of six to eight hours. They’re dripless, so they won’t make a huge mess, and they’re unscented, so they’re safe for sensitive nostrils.

31. Hippo Trinket Tray

Do I need a handmade ornamental hippo trinket tray? Who cares? I love him. As one reviewer gushed, “I am obsessed with this thing. It’s lightweight but very durable, it looks just like the photo and the bowl can hold a surprisingly large amount. It’s a great conversation starter! The teal is vibrant and the gold is shiny. Absolutely zero regrets.”

32. Eclectic Gallery Wall Art Print Set

Raise your hand if you have a sad wall somewhere in your home in desperate need of… well, anything 🙋🏼‍♀️ This eclectic boho set of art prints makes it easy to throw a gallery wall together without breaking your budget. Each set comes with (3) 8-inch by 10-inch prints, (4) 5-inch by 7-inch prints, (5) 4-inch by 6-inch prints, and 48 sticky dots to help you hang ‘em all.

33. Marin Stackable Pouf With Casters

I love a good multi-purpose piece, and this stackable pouf is a gorgeous example! When all three poufs are stacked, tied, and secured to the base, they make an ideal spot to prop your feet or perch a stack of books. But you can also untie each piece, and voila! You’ve got extra floor seating.

34. Half-Round Lemon Rug

Giving your home a little pop of color is easy peasy lemon squeezy with this adorable half-round rug. Made from 100% polyester microfiber material, its moisture-absorbing nature makes it a cute and clever choice for in front of the shower.

35. Plufl Human Dog Bed

Have you ever looked at your dog, lounging around all day, and thought, Damn, that just be the life. With this “human dog bed,” you can at least get a little taste of the doggy ~dolce vita.~ Between the 360-degree pillow bolsters, ultra-soft cover, and mattress-grade memory foam, it’s destined to become your new favorite napping destination.

36. Set of 7 Fruit Coasters

Give your regular coasters a break this summer and tag in this sweet-as-can-be set of seven fruit coasters. Reviewers say they’re cute and colorful, don’t slip and slide all over your furniture, and are cheap enough not to stress about replacing at summer’s end.

37. Mustard Made Lowdown Locker

ICYMI, butter yellow is the color of summer 2024, and it just so happens to be the latest color release of Mustard Made’s Lowdown Locker. Whether you use this console for office storage or as a little TV stand, the creamy hue will boost your mood. Inside, you’ll find one adjustable shelf (in two parts), two handy hooks (one inside each door), two cable holes, and two wall attachment points.

If you love the look of locker furniture but want even more pizazz, Mustard Made launched The Rainbow Standard during Pride Month, with 50% of all Rainbow Standards sold globally donated to Outright International. The first run has already sold out, but they’re now accepting pre-orders for a second, limited-edition production run.

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