3 new sensory discoveries in cosmetic science from IFSCC

3 new sensory discoveries in cosmetic science from IFSCC

Transmitting positive emotions through body odour

Aline Robert-Hazotte from Shiseido Group’s European Innovation Centre presented “Deep dive in emotional communication in humans: study of the transmission of positive emotions through body odour.”

The briefing outlined how body odour is a communication tool that transmits information between humans.

Although studies had already found that the contagion of negative emotion was possible through body odour, the team had set out to investigate whether positive emotional communication was also possible through this medium.

For the study, participants were asked to wear a t-shirt with a gauze pad to collect their body odour. One group watched videos that showed happiness-inducing images, such as laughing babies, while the other watched more neutral images. The participants were all also asked specific questions that were designed to induce certain emotions.

The t shirts they had worn were then given to other participants who had to answer verbal questions about how they felt and have they physiological responses and emotional reactions measured.

The study also measured their behavioural responses by asking them to undertake various creativity tasks after they had smelled the odour on the t-shirt.

The results found that the participants who received the t shirts with ‘positive emotion’ body odour had a decreased heart rate in the physical tests. While for the verbal questions, the majority described the odour as ‘pleasant’ and ‘relaxing’. This group also performed much better in the creativity tasks in comparison to those who had received a t-shirt with the neutral body odour.

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