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You’ve seen the classic movie cliché of the high school prom—the one held in a sweaty gymnasium, bright white lights grossly illuminating the dance floor with measly balloons decorating the bare walls. Why not break this trope and hold the most magical prom your school has ever seen? Check out our list of 27 of the best prom themes with accompanying decorating ideas that will put a unique spin on this year’s high school prom.

1. Starry Night

Immerse your students in Van Gogh art by projecting his iconic painting onto the walls and adding fun elements like stars and blue details to the tables.

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4. Under the Sea

Blow up some fish and jellyfish balloons and let them float to the ceiling, add some blue LED lights and white furniture, and let your students feel like they are swimming through their prom venue.

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7. Or Fun in the Snow?!

Alternatively, for a winter theme, all you need are blue LED lights and glistening decor to simulate ice! You can also get fake snow and line the floors to really transport your students to a snowy mountainside. Bonus points if you get the linked inflatable snow globe for prom pics!

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12. The Big Apple

The perfect way to re-create New York in your prom venue is to project the most iconic buildings onto the walls. With dim lighting, the venue will be transported to NYC!

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15. A Night in Venice

A prop boat and blue carpet to simulate water with “Venice” in the background would be the perfect photo op for your prom. (P.S.: Masquerade masks come from Venice, so combine the two themes for an elaborate prom!)

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24. A Star Is Born

Let your students feel like Hollywood stars with this classic prom theme. You will need a red carpet (obviously), and have your chaperones take flash photos of your students as they strut down it.

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Did you enjoy these unique prom themes? For more prom inspiration, check out our Favorite Prom Chaperone Outfits for Teachers!

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