27 Cool Color Names For The Baby Who's Bound To Brighten Your World

Who doesn’t love colors? Whether you want a prismatic name for your rainbow baby or are just looking for a colorful name to evoke a certain mood or aura for your kid, a color name could be the way to go.

You’ll have no shortage of options, that’s for sure. Many color names allude to elements in nature, like crystals or precious gemstones. Some cool color names like Alba and Jet exude more neutral vibes. Plus, plenty of famous people and characters have color names. Consider Hazel Grace from The Fault In Our Stars, Olive from Little Miss Sunshine, or even Blue Ivy Carter, Beyoncé’s firstborn. And if you’ve never read the Clementine books, you’re seriously missing out.

You can’t really go wrong with a hue-based name as long as you lean into it. Sure, maybe it’ll take some time for little Xanthe to grow to love her name. But one day, it’ll click, and she’ll remain proud of it for the rest of her life. (Or she can pay to change her name once she has a job and makes her own decisions. Whatever.)

Here are a few cool color name ideas to get you started.



Although this Latin name means “white,” it comes with a more colorful connotation — it also means “sunrise.”



If your baby is born with hazel eyes, you might want to give her a name that nods to those beautiful peepers. Actors Emily Blunt and John Krasinski chose this vintage-sounding name for their daughter in 2016.



Indigo is a gender-neutral name of Greek origin. It alludes to a deep blue-purple dye made from plants native to India. Making this name even more interesting? Some people believe indigo children possess special abilities.



You might think of Rolling Stones icon Mick Jagger when you hear this precious green stone name, as it’s the name of one of his daughters. Although it’s unique enough in the U.S. that your kid probably won’t see too many other Jades around, it’s one of the top names in France.



To put it simply, Morado means “purple” in Spanish. So, if you love that hue and want to give your son a name that will stand out, look no further.



Talk about a name that is seeing a surge in popularity! This short and sweet moniker is one of only four girl names starting with O on the U.S. Top 1000 baby names list. In addition to its ties to the color green, it’s a name associated with peace — something the olive branch represents.



This gender-neutral name has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to Beyoncé’s first-born daughter, Blue Ivy. Of German and Old English origin, it literally means “the color blue.” However, it’s often associated with natural elements, like the sky, the sea, and even outer space.



If you’re looking for a non-trendy color name, try Viridian. This gender-neutral Latin moniker means “green” or “blue-green.” It comes from a pigment first used in mid-19th-century Paris. You can give it a more feminine feel by opting for the alternative spelling Viridienne.



Another gender-neutral option, Ash is short for the Hebrew Asher, meaning “happy.” Of course, it’s also the name of a tree, which the Vikings revered as a symbol of protection. So, not only does this name conjure up the color gray for ashes, but also the color green for trees.



This regal-sounding name traces back to the Ancient Roman name Aurelius, meaning “the golden one.”



An Anglo-Saxon surname meaning “brown,” this name can be used as a standalone name or a nickname for one of the alternate spellings: Brunus, Brunella, or Brunell.



Another short and sweet name, this gender-neutral choice means “swarthy” or “coal black.” If you’d rather use Cole as a nickname for something longer, you’ve got tons of options: Coleton, Coleman, Coleson, Colene, Coley, and Coltrain, to name a few.



This lovely French moniker is the name of a beautiful shade of deep blue — the color of a Mazarin Blue butterfly’s wings. Cute nickname alert: Mazzy, like the ‘90s rock band Mazzy Star.



A name that continues to grow in popularity, Jet has varied meanings — “black stone,” “home ruler,” “drop of the sea,” and “beloved.” It’s also an ideal name for a future traveler who’ll be jet-setting around the globe!



If you watch Perfect Match on Netflix (no judgment, because *same*), you’ll probably recognize this name from Season 2 contestant Xanthi. Of Greek origin, it means “golden” or “yellow” and is shared by a mythic Amazon woman and one of the Oceanids.



Does your baby have a fair shot of having red hair? Well, you needn’t look any further for the perfect name — this Irish and Gaelic option means “red-haired.”



Whether purple is your favorite color, you love flowers, or both, this name’s for you — of Greek origin, it means “violet flower.” It’s a mouthful but comes with sweet nicknames like Yollie, Iola, LaLa, or Io.



You probably already know that this name is associated with the color silver. In fact, one of its meanings is “valuable, silver penny.” But if you’re a big This Is Us fan, you know it as the name of beloved actor Sterling K. Brown. The name’s other meanings are “excellent,” “little star,” and “bird.”



A name that has seriously spiked in popularity in recent years (it’s currently ranked No. 62in the U.S.), Violet means “purple.” It’s the second most popular color name for girls, but you could always mix things up with one of its variations: Viola, Violette, or Violetta.



Unlike Violet, you’re not likely to hear this name being called out by five other moms at the playground. Ranked in the 14,000 range in U.S. popularity, it’s a far more unique choice! British in origin, it means “cherry” and “dear” or “darling” — fitting for your precious little babe.



According to Merriam-Webster, Cordovan is “of or relating to Córdoba and especially Córdoba, Spain,” or “made of cordovan leather.” Those definitions combined give this name its color association. The term is often used to describe a rich shade of dark burgundy-ish brown — the color of the leather.



You can’t get much sweeter than this name! Of French origin, it means “merciful” and “gentle,” but it also conjures up images of the small citrus fruit of the same name. Plus, Clem is an adorable nickname.



Although this name means “meadow flower” or “key,” it may as well mean “green” — when you hear it, you immediately picture a four-leaf clover. So, not only is this a cool color name, but it’s also a pretty lucky one!



This short and sleek name, which means “gray-green rock,” is on the rise. It jumped up 200+ spots in popularity last year alone.



Meaning “orange-red,” Sienna has been a permanent fixture in the U.K. Top 100 and U.S. Top 500 pretty much ever since actor Sienna Miller rose to fame. The name derives from Siena, a medieval Italian city known for iron-rich clay that turned reddish-brown when burnt.



Have you ever seen a tawny owl’s beautiful brown dappled feathers? As you may have guessed, this name means “light brown” or “golden brown” (also: “to tan”).



Once a Top 25 name, Pearl slid out of popularity for a time. However, this natural element name has now climbed back into the Top 1000. Although it doesn’t technically have a color meaning, it’s associated with the precious off-white gem found in oysters and other mollusks.

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