2024 NBA offseason previews: Teams' needs, free agents, draft picks, cap space and more

The 2023-024 NBA season isn’t yet over. A number of teams are still dreaming of championship glory. But for those that have been bounced from the playoffs, it’s time to reassess and re-evaluate for next season.

What are your team’s top needs? What free agents might they lose? How much cap space do they have? Who in the draft might help? What could move the fantasy needle?

We’ll answer all those questions for you in our team-by-team previews. The NBA season never really stops and we’re here to help guide the way.

It was once again a season of disappointment, and there could be major changes on the way with Paul George holding a player option on his contract.

Time is running out with LeBron James as the franchise centerpiece, and the team simply isn’t good enough right now.

After an injury-marred season for Jimmy Butler and Co., don’t expect a lot of changes to the franchise’s famed Heat Culture.

The Bucks will have to get creative around the margins to improve around stars Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard.

Until Zion Williamson, who has five seasons under his belt, can prove to be a healthy and dependable player, the Pelicans will always be in limbo.

The Magic are doing everything right. Now they need to lean into improving and keep the momentum going for a strong core of young talent.

With loads of cap space and another disappointing finish, expect plenty of change in Philadelphia around star center Joel Embiid.

The Suns are expensive, not very good and it won’t be easy to fix all that ails them. In what was supposed to be a dynamic offensive season for the Suns, injuries largely kept them from consistency.

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